Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trunk Show Tuesday #6

I was having a lot of fun with block exchanges so I decided it was time for me to organize one.  The idea for this one was to collect blocks from the group on Compuserve (CISters) from near and far that represented where everyone was from.  Originally 35 people signed up but by the deadline, the number had dropped to 18. 
This block from Quiltmaker Magazine was the block I chose.  British Columbia's provincial flower is the Dogwood so this was perfect.  Besides, my father had once sent me a postcard from Great Falls Montana that contained a story about the legend of the dogwood.  That postcard also inspired me to use the Dogwood block.  Here are some of the other blocks that were exchanged and where they came from. 

California                                                    Singapore

Maine                                                 New Mexico

Sidney, Australia                                     Paris, France

Illinois                                                   Nebraska

Iowa                                                   Connecticut

British Columbia, Canada                     Ontario. Canada

and this is how I pieced together the blocks that I had kept for myself.

I used an Attic Windows setting and was able to placed the odd sized ones in the centre.  I've called it My Windows on the World.  It still has to be sandwiched and quilted, but that will have to wait.  I've got some FMQ to practice first.

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Carol said...

It's beautiful! The blocks are so well done.