Monday, January 11, 2016

Second week...

into 2016 and I figured it's about time I got back to my blog.  No excuses for not posting; got busy with life's challenges, then got lazy; that's it.  But that has changed.  I've been playing in my studio, at retreats, and at workshops.  Here's a rundown of some of the items that have resulted from that playing since my last post.

July last year saw me at Quilting in The Mountains at Sun Peaks Resort.  I had the opportunity to play around with triangles.
Of course it is now waiting to be quilted.  It's just big enough to be used as a coverlet for a baby carriage.

August saw me moving to a new home.  After setting up my studio, I came across some blocks that I had designed in a Soft Edge Piecing workshop.  I was able to use a wonderful Jinny Beyer border print.  They are only sitting on the design wall in the pictures below, but once sewn together and set on point in an alternate block setting they should make a stunning lap quilt, yes?


September brought the beginning of a new Guild year.  Vernon Silver Star Quilters have several subgroups, one of which is called quARTz.  We have fun experimenting and pushing the envelope of what we can do with textiles and fibre.  The group decided to have members volunteer to share which artist inspires them and is their favorite.  The rest of the group is then to produce a postcard or artist trading card in that artist's style.  So far we have been presented with Rufus Porter, Roy Henry Vickers, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and Robin Ledrew, a local artist.

Here is my interpretation of Vickers style
and Mackintosh's style
This is getting a bit long, so I'll continue this in another post.  Besides, I have to take some process pictures of what I'm working on currently so that I have something to show you.

Till the next time,

Monday, July 6, 2015

Who knew

that anyone could have a miniature Bernina?  Don't believe me?  Go have a look here; you'll have to scroll down a bit.  Just had to share this little tidbit.  I discovered it while researching the value of older series Berninas.

I've recently been playing around with fabric paints and dyes just to keep the creative urge satisfied.  I decided to do some stamping on old handkerchiefs.  Here are close ups of some of the results.
 This one was done with a potato masher and the end of a thread spool;
 this one with a cross cut of a snail shell and the edge of scallop shell;
and this one with the end of a thread spool and electric plug.  Click on the pictures for a closer look.

Some dye that had been sitting in the spare fridge in the basement came along with me to a dyeing session with one of my art groups.  Here are the results of that playing.
 The yellows went from very vibrant to a very pale.
 The one on the left was wrapped around a small pvc pipe and "scrunched".  That scrunching acted as a resist.  I'll overdye that one I think.
This one was my favorite; all that mottling.  It was created by loosely wrapping the fabric with elastic bands. The wind was blowing that day so it was hard to get pictures.There were some very interesting results.  I'll have to give this a try again.

Till the next time, thanks for visiting.