Monday, April 9, 2018

Long Over Due

Now that I'm a bit more mobile (cast is off the ankle) I've been able to get into the studio and do some much needed cleaning, organizing, and catching up.  In doing so I came across some blocks that had been pieced into an attic windows setting a number of years ago.  The blocks had come to me through a block exchange.  Oh my word!!!!  Some of the blocks had been signed and showed a date of 1994!!!

It was definitely time to get this flimsy sandwiched and quilted. I managed the sandwiching and decided to send it out to my local long-arm quilter to do it justice.  Voila!!!  It's finally completed and looking at each of the blocks brings back memories of the online conversations we had during this exchange. 

I've called it Windows on the World because the blocks came from everywhere.  Starting in the upper left blocks were from Wisconsin, Nebraska, New Mexico; Vermont, Maine, California, Australia, New Mexico, Illinois, California, Hawaii, California, Nebraska, Singapore, Connecticut, France, Australia, Maine, Arizona; and me, representing British Columbia.

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Gina said...

It's fun to study and imagine which came from where!