Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TST #38 - Checks and Plaids

I was under the weather last Tuesday and just couldn't look the computer in the eye.  Sorry I missed you.  Anyhow, it's time again for another quilt out of my trunk.  This one was an experiment.  I had received a pattern from my Quiltsitters group.  The sample showed a good representation of a check and plaid fabric, except it was generated with four patches.  It looked complicated, and it took me a bit of time to see how it was constructed.
After looking at the pattern for a while, it finally dawned on me that the four patches were set on point thus generating the appearance of a plaid.  I may just try this again except I might add in a "what if" to see if I can create something that looks a bit like a Scottish plaid from a clan.
But of course that will happen after I finish up all the other UFOs I have waiting in the wings.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TST # 37 - Same pieces, different outcome

Have you ever been given instructions for specific block piecing, but not the full resulting pattern?  sounds like a mystery, right?  I'm about to show you two quilts, both made with the same type and number of blocks.  The first instructions were to select a focus fabric and then a dark, a light, 2 mediums and 2 neutrals.  These are the ones I chose.

Next came instructions to make a specific number of blocks, for example 8 HST blocks, 4 log cabins, 8 LC variations.  Once the blocks were made, we were told to put them together in a quilt.  What?  Without a pattern?  That was the point of the challenge.  We were not given a pattern for what the full quilt was to look like.  Here is the first setting that I came up with.
When pieced together, the quilt was not quite big enough for a lap quilt.  I added a Delectable Mountains border to this one making it just big enough to cuddle under when reading a good book.
That was fun.  I chose different fabrics and tried it again.   Here is the second group of fabric.
So why was this so much fun?  Well here is the second quilt I put together using the same blocks, but different placement. 
See how different they look?  Same pieces different outcome. 
Oh... Here is the first one with the additional border added.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Round One completed

Well, the first round of the Tangled Textiles group has finished. Initial uncertainty and trepidation  has given way to a sense of accomplishment.   Think of it... as a group we have revealed 64 quilts since we began with Beverly's"Games"  challenge announced in April 2011 and completed with Vicki's "Beginnings" this past month. 

from upper left these are the pieces I created  for
Games, Celebrate, Tools, Look Up, GreenBalance, Architecture, Beginnings

We have learned what we like, and what methods we prefer to use to create our pieces.  Encouragement and support from the group has given me the courage to experiment and try techniques that I would not have considered in the past.  Looking at the ones that I completed like this, what do you think? Is there a commonality in these? Is applique where I'm headed?

The journey thus far has been more than I anticipated and what a wonderful journey it has been.  I'm very excited and pleased that we have decided to continue the journey and look forward to seeing what the next series will produce.

Now I just have to get brainstorming my next one.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TST #36 - Two Stripey Stars

Here is an example of what a person can do when you change colour, fabric and size in a pattern.

This pattern was another handout from Quiltsitters, consisting of nine patches and stars.  The first one I made adjusted the size and used a very vibrant striped fabric.  The background colours were pulled from the feature fabric.  Here is the sample of the feature fabric that I used.

Here is the result.  Don't the stars just flame!

TWith some help from my friend Lyn, I resized the pattern for smaller blocks and used a more subdued palette.  Here is a sample of the second set of fabrics I used.

And this was the result.  A bit more calm, wouldn't you say?

Both of these quilts were donated to our local seniors long term care facility.