Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TST #38 - Checks and Plaids

I was under the weather last Tuesday and just couldn't look the computer in the eye.  Sorry I missed you.  Anyhow, it's time again for another quilt out of my trunk.  This one was an experiment.  I had received a pattern from my Quiltsitters group.  The sample showed a good representation of a check and plaid fabric, except it was generated with four patches.  It looked complicated, and it took me a bit of time to see how it was constructed.
After looking at the pattern for a while, it finally dawned on me that the four patches were set on point thus generating the appearance of a plaid.  I may just try this again except I might add in a "what if" to see if I can create something that looks a bit like a Scottish plaid from a clan.
But of course that will happen after I finish up all the other UFOs I have waiting in the wings.


dutchcomfort said...

A Scottish plaid pattern, wow, that would be nice!
This pattern looks very complicated to me!

Vicki Miller said...

very complcated,but very effective