Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Round One completed

Well, the first round of the Tangled Textiles group has finished. Initial uncertainty and trepidation  has given way to a sense of accomplishment.   Think of it... as a group we have revealed 64 quilts since we began with Beverly's"Games"  challenge announced in April 2011 and completed with Vicki's "Beginnings" this past month. 

from upper left these are the pieces I created  for
Games, Celebrate, Tools, Look Up, GreenBalance, Architecture, Beginnings

We have learned what we like, and what methods we prefer to use to create our pieces.  Encouragement and support from the group has given me the courage to experiment and try techniques that I would not have considered in the past.  Looking at the ones that I completed like this, what do you think? Is there a commonality in these? Is applique where I'm headed?

The journey thus far has been more than I anticipated and what a wonderful journey it has been.  I'm very excited and pleased that we have decided to continue the journey and look forward to seeing what the next series will produce.

Now I just have to get brainstorming my next one.


dutchcomfort said...

You developed a courageous attitude towards the challenges! And yes I think applique is one of your great skills! What a wonderful mosaic!

Vicki Miller said...

It is interesting to see the things we seem to be taking on as our 'style'. great mosaic