Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TST # 37 - Same pieces, different outcome

Have you ever been given instructions for specific block piecing, but not the full resulting pattern?  sounds like a mystery, right?  I'm about to show you two quilts, both made with the same type and number of blocks.  The first instructions were to select a focus fabric and then a dark, a light, 2 mediums and 2 neutrals.  These are the ones I chose.

Next came instructions to make a specific number of blocks, for example 8 HST blocks, 4 log cabins, 8 LC variations.  Once the blocks were made, we were told to put them together in a quilt.  What?  Without a pattern?  That was the point of the challenge.  We were not given a pattern for what the full quilt was to look like.  Here is the first setting that I came up with.
When pieced together, the quilt was not quite big enough for a lap quilt.  I added a Delectable Mountains border to this one making it just big enough to cuddle under when reading a good book.
That was fun.  I chose different fabrics and tried it again.   Here is the second group of fabric.
So why was this so much fun?  Well here is the second quilt I put together using the same blocks, but different placement. 
See how different they look?  Same pieces different outcome. 
Oh... Here is the first one with the additional border added.


beaquilter said...

NEAT!! love to see the same pattern with different results, even the exact same but different because of the fabrics

Christina Flowers said...

Gorgeous work, as usual! As I delve further into the world of quilting I am constantly amazed at how just varying on or two things can turn the same idea into something that looks completely different. The ladies in my guild group just did a class on paper piecing, it's the same pattern but twenty different ideas of colour, contrast and block placement creates 20 individual quilts that may resemble the original pattern or they may not :D

Peg said...

Now that really was a challenge! And I think BOM's are hard when you don't know where you're heading!

stegart said...

Wow,the borders really make the pink pop! With the narrower, inside border it brings out the gold (?) even more.

Christina Flowers said...

You've been tagged! A fun little blogging game to help share and get to know each other. Check out the rules on my blog here: http://passionquilting.blogspot.ca/2012/11/tag-youre-it-fun-little-blogging-game.html

Gina said...

Fun variations! I really like the composition of yout first one, what a beautiful lap quilt!

Vicki Miller said...

Love all the different variations you got and the different colourways you put together. A lot of piecing ahead, I see, but you are up to it, I know