Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TST #36 - Two Stripey Stars

Here is an example of what a person can do when you change colour, fabric and size in a pattern.

This pattern was another handout from Quiltsitters, consisting of nine patches and stars.  The first one I made adjusted the size and used a very vibrant striped fabric.  The background colours were pulled from the feature fabric.  Here is the sample of the feature fabric that I used.

Here is the result.  Don't the stars just flame!

TWith some help from my friend Lyn, I resized the pattern for smaller blocks and used a more subdued palette.  Here is a sample of the second set of fabrics I used.

And this was the result.  A bit more calm, wouldn't you say?

Both of these quilts were donated to our local seniors long term care facility.


Christina Flowers said...

I really like the bold fabric, gorgeous.

Vicki Miller said...

It is amazing what adifference colour makes - they look like two totally different patterns