Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TST #35 - Daniel's black and blue

No, No, don't adjust your sets.  This truly is black and blue.  This particular quilt was made for my nephew.  This 2007 pattern was handed out at a Quiltsitters gathering I attended and is called Bordered Nine Patch from Kaye England.  The sample shown at the gathering was done in pinks and browns.  I filed away the pattern like so many other patterns that I had been collecting. 

When my nephew said that he would like one of my quilts, I thought this pattern would be ideal.  He had suggested that since I was making quilts and giving them away to charities, perhaps he should designate himself as a charity (LOL) and I could give one to him. 

Okay, Okay!  I asked what colours he would like.  No I was not about to let him select the pattern.  I had done that once before with another gifted quilt and the pattern chosen was a real challenge.  His response was a resounding BLACK and WHITE and one other colour.  So many B&W quilts were being made with RED, so I chose to go against the grain and used BLUE.

The quilt, finished in 2008, was given to my nephew for his birthday.  At the time I gave it to him, he had been accident prone so I told him that the quilt was the only thing I wanted to see black and blue!  This year at thanksgiving I had visited him and noticed that the quilt was not in use.  He said he had it, but it was now being used by his daughter.  Yes you guessed it.  He suggested that I make a quilt for her so that he could get his quilt back.  I guess that is the next one on my list.


What Comes Next? said...

I like this one! b&w+ quilts are always tops on my list, and this one is right up there!

Vicki Miller said...

This is a great colour scheme for a bloke and the pattern fits as well!