Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TST #32 - My Guild's first Round Robin

I have always enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm for the craft of quilting with others.  So much so that I love to jump into a round robin of any sort as you saw in TST #11, #12 and #29.  A number of years ago as part of Show and Tell at our monthly Guild meeting, I showed the round robin quilts I had made. Guild members' interest was piqued enough that six of us decided to do a round robin.  I chose the following as my focus fabric.
I had to select a block to use for the initial round.  Hmmmm.  I had just purchased a copy of a magazine that had hundreds of blocks.  Perhaps I could find a block in there.  I can't remember right now what the name of the magazine was, but I think it was published by McCall's Quilting.  Here is the block.

Oh those points were something else to piece.  It truly tested my piecing ability, but I managed them and put the block into a box along with some additional fabric, some notes, a disposable camera and some chocolate (the sustenance required for quilting inspiration).  Here is what occurred over the several months that my little itty bitty block was passed from member to member.
 First round addition was triangles.  I know that it's hard to see them because of the poor photo, but they are there.
 Next the block was set on point and a log cabin variation was added to the corners.  Wendy, a mathemetician added this round and wrote in my journal "Long live Pythagorus."  Sorry if I spelled that wrong.  It has something to do with calculating the size of the triangles that she added.  I didn't undertand the formula, but I sure liked the end result.
 Then the next round was the addition of applique.  Go back and look at the picture of the focus fabric.  Norma took the flower from the focus fabic, enlarged it, and created the applique.  The circular placement of the leaves enhanced the circular feel of the log cabin and created an autumnal theme to the piece.  I was going for a fall feel.  She did a wonderful job.
 Louise added the next round which consisted of squares.  She had written in my journal that she had completed the round with just the green and taupe couloured squres on the light background.  After looking at it on her design wall she decided it need something more and added the darker corner squares and rust coloured plain final border.
The final round, pieced by Lois had to include stars.  When I got this top back, I was pleased with the result.  It was now left to me to quilt it.  I hand quilted a cross hatch around the applique and Andrea completed machine quilting in the other rounds.  The piece now hangs on my dining room wall during harvest season.


Peg said...

What a lovely wall hanging - I so like the idea of a round robin, just no opportunity yet to get into one!

Vicki Miller said...

Oh, I love it. I wish I could get my group to do a round robin, but it will never happen. I have done electric quilt ones, though, but they are only virtual quilts. Anyway it is gorgeous.