Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trunk Show Tuesday #5

Here is yet another unfinished piece and yet another block exchange.  I was going all out trying to get my piecing accurate and exhanging blocks with others gave me a chance to compare. 

As you can see this exchange was called the Red White and Blue and was also hosted by CISters.  I chose to do a block entitled 54-40 or Fight.  There was some discussion about the colour choice in that it was perceived as very patriotically US oriented.  I contributed six blocks to this exchange.  This is what I attached to each of the blocks.

“This block pattern is “54/40 or Fight”.  There was some discussion about the colours being patriotic and that perhaps CISters from other countries would not join in.  I thought this block would be appropriate for the Red/White/Blue exchange.
The pattern, to the best of my knowledge, was developed when Canada and the United States were debating where the boundary between the two countries should lie.  Had the boundary line actually been 54 degrees 40 minutes North, the town in which I now live would be part of the United States as would a greater majority of the southern portion of Canada.  So much for history and my Canadian sense of patriotism.
I hope you enjoy the block.  I discovered when laying it out on my flannel board that if you set the block on point a very interesting thing happens.  It looks more like the cross worn on the front of the chain-mail vests of the knights from the Crusades, or the emblem for the St. John’s Ambulance First Aid group.  Interesting, don’t you think?"

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Vicki said...

Red, white and blue are also the colours on the british and australian flags. The block was certainly appropriate for you!