Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TST #17 - Donated scraps

Have you ever donated a quilt to a worthy cause?  Sure you have, and so have I.  This Tuesday and next Tuesday, I'd like to share some of the quilts that I've donated.  These were made from various scraps in my stash proving that even the leftovers can create something useful, comforting, and "pretty". 

“A Mile a Minute” – this quilt was made from scraps sewn together in a “higgilty piggilty” fashion and sashed.  Members of my Guild made several of these quilts at our Guild’s drop in center and didn’t even make a dent in the number of scraps that we had on hand. I had made another one of these and posted about that here.  We did this again at one of our Guild meetings and ended up with a few more quilts…and more scraps.  This one I donated to a senior care centre.  Hopefully the senior that received it can feel the warm hug that I sewed into it.

“My Blue Hearts” – This quilt was made from fabric given to my sister.  The person who gave her the fabric had started to cut out the hearts, but did not finish. It was one of the first times that I appliqued using freezer paper.  I spent considerable time basting everything and restitching, but it finally came together.  The sashing fabric was purchased.  This little number was donated to our local hospital's neonatal ward.  What better place to send a quilt with pink and blue hearts.    

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