Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TST #16 - A Japanese Exchange

Started in 2004 and completed in 2005, here is the story behind this quilt.

After a fall retreat, Carol, a member of our Guild, asked if I would be interested in joining a group that were going to do a block exchange with ladies in Japan. Honoured to be invited, I accepted.  Carol organized the group in BC and Naoko Hirano organized the Japanese group.

There were twelve ladies in each group and each made a 12” block;  the Canadians depicting something uniquely Canadian, the Japanese something uniquely Japanese.  I chose to use the image of an Orca whale. Others chose a cabin in the woods, a turkey, a Canada Goose, maple leafs and dogwoods.

We each had one year to complete the required number of blocks and then the 144 blocks were sent to Japan. We took pictures of the blocks that we sent so that we would have a record.  Along with the blocks we sent along fabric parcels and other gifts.   In return we received the same number from Japan.  The Japanese ladies in return sent along lovely fabric swatches, ikata cloth and various post cards.  Each of us was asked to include something about ourselves and the block we created. 

And here is a picture of one of the quilts made by one of the Japanese ladies.

My block is in the third row, first block on the left.  My apologies for the quality of the photos.  These were taken before the technology that we have today.

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upstateLisa said...

Beautiful quilts! What a cool project!