Monday, April 14, 2014

The shape of texture

My local fiber art group, QuArtz has been spending this year studying the elements of design.  For each of the elements (line, shape, texture, balance) the group was issued a challenge.  You saw my result for the challenge related to "line" here.  In that post I noted that we were also challenged to come up with a piece relating SHAPE and TEXTURE, but with the added obstacle of incorporating a copper "scrubbie".

Well, it took some time, but here is a close up of what I did with the scrubbie.
I pulled some of the wire out of it, turned it into a bow and attached it.  I made some of the scrubbie pieces into little rolls and attached them with hand stitching.  Fancy machine stitching was used to apply the cotton pieces.  Here is a picture of the entire piece.

I called it The Shape of Texture.  Incorporating the scrubbie was indeed a challenge.


Jackie said...

Love the colours and your scrubbie!

Jackie said...
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What Comes Next? said...

now that is an interesting piece! great use of your scrubbie!