Friday, April 11, 2014

Cut and Collage

Carrying on from my Sue Benner class post, our third piece was a Cut and Collage.  After all that fusing and cutting, each of us had a number of small left over fused fabrics that we could free hand cut into small squares, rectangles, and strips.  Using parchment paper as a base, we arranged these cut leftovers into a collage that was pleasing and balanced.  Applied an iron and presto, the pieces all stuck together as one and were now ready to apply to a background fabric.  I created several.  Here are two of them. 

I think these two, along with several others, will be used to create a wearable item; maybe a vest or a bag…hmm will have to think about that.  I did another piece in some different colours and liked the look of it on a hand dyed background my friend graciously gave to me.  This one is going to hang on the wall just as soon as I get it quilted.

Our final goal was to create a landscape piece from strips of fabric.  We had been asked to bring along pictures for inspiration.  I brought along this postcard.

and had to proportionally enlarge it.  Hmm… I was running out of leftovers so the piece could not be too much larger.  I decided to try for something just a bit bigger.  Here is how it looks right now.  

Still needs some work on it, (like the palm trees) but that shouldn't take long.  Another piece for the quilting pile.  Now I just have to finish the piece I was working on in my second session at Asilomar.


What Comes Next? said...

oooo! these are all great - I particularly like the movement in the second piece with the thin strips, and your landscape piece is looking great! Looks like it was a very good workshop!

Peg said...

Beauties all! Love the idea of 'creating' fabric from scraps with parchment paper. Didn't know it would stick like that! Another must-try for my bucket list.

Gina said...

I thought the same thing as Janet when I saw your second piece, that those thin strips added so much and really finished the piece.

I'm impressed with your landscape! I bought a book on quilting landscapes a few years but have yet to take on the challenge.

Vicki Miller said...

You know me. I love landscapes, and this one is no exception!