Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dyes, felt and threads

all add up to an interesting five days at the Gail Harker Centre for Creative Arts.  Not only did we dye felt and threads, we also practiced and experimented with hand stitches using our dyed threads.  After choosing my colour palette, here is a picture of how my felt pieces turned out.

Then it was on to dyeing the threads.  Here is what they looked like once they were hung to dry.

Now we had the material to play, practice, and experiment with some hand stitching.  Before I started, I laid out the felt and thread together to see how they would all fit together.  Can you just imagine the fun I had playing with these colours?  
Here have another look.

 Now I'm off to finish my little stitch book.  Till the next time, happy playing and creating.


Vicki Miller said...

I can see you will be having fun with all these glorious colours!

Quilt Rat said...

Your results are spectacular! Beautiful and vibrant.....love the feel of sinking a needle in the felt....enjoy!

JB said...

Did you chose those colors before or after the fabric from Lisa was received? Nice combinations of colors.