Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A road travelled

I visited a friend this past weekend with the goal being to finish up some UFOs and generally chit chat.  When I arrived it was close to lunch time so a little side trip to a quaint general store and tea shop was in order.  It was located in the village of Clayburn. Here are some shots of the inside of the store.

From there we decided to travel further down the road to Hamel's Quilt Shop to see if there was anything new.  On the front porch sat a flower pot with the most unusual petunias we had ever seen.

After purchasing some batiks to add to our stash and a jelly roll or two, we headed back to the house to get down to some serious piecing.  Did we complete anything?  Yes but that's for another post.


What Comes Next? said...

sounds like a good day! That store in Clayburn is a lot of fun - I've been there aa couple of times now - if you want candy, it is definitely the place to go! I saw these same petunias recently at a friends place - they are stunning!

nicolette said...

All those jars filled with candy! I’ve never seen a petunia like that, must be a real local/national plant? Your road travel sounds very nice with a happy ending in a quilt store. What more does a girl need? Sweets and fabrics!

Peg said...

I think I know that shoppe! It's fabulous - thanks for the reminder, time to visit it again! Isn't Hamel's wonderful!