Sunday, July 3, 2011

A quilt show

Yesterday I took a ferry ride to what we in BC affectionately call the Sunshine Coast.  I went to see the Sunshine Coast Quilt Guild's quilt show and visit a fellow quilter for tea while there.  The show was held in Gibsons' Community Centre and held an amazing collection of quilts from traditionally pieced to artfully constructed. 

There were special exhibits from Studio Art Quilts Association (SAQA), and Fiber Arts Network (FAN).  Unfortunately we were not permitted to take pictures of these exhibits, but hop on over to their websites to see some of the pieces.  The piece from FAN I was most impressed with was the After the Fire Self Portrait by Brandy Lynn Maslowski.  You can see all of the pieces that were exhibited by the Fiber Arts Network here.

Then of course there was the vendor's mall where I not only added to my fabric collection but was able to take pictures of this interesting collection of tiny sewing machines.

Here are some better close up shots.

The collector of these pieces has stated that they all work!  Amazing!

Now I'm off to practice some more FMQ!


nicolette said...

Brigitte, thanks for the links for the exhibited quilts! So much inspiration. Loved all those tiny sewing machines!

Vicki said...

Iloved those sewing machines too - thanks for great pics.

upstateLisa said...

I love the red machine!

Gina said...

Thank you for the links to see some of the quilts .... after my first click to see a close up of the 'clothes line' I'm headed back to look at the others. I think getting to a show by ferry must make it even more special! (such an inspiring ride to get there)