Sunday, July 10, 2011

Practice, practice, and

more practice.  I was playing and practicing my FMQ.  Here is the result of the practicing, playing, and practicing some more.
This was the first attempt

A closer look.  My hand still not quite steady.

Getting there.

Why all the practicing?  I entered a quilt into a judged show.  The registration form stated that a picture was needed not for judging purposes but rather for planning where the quilt was to hang.  Terrific!  I could send them a picture of the quilt at the basted stage.

As the deadline for sending the quilt grew near, I knew it was definitely time to get the FMQ going.  So here is the quilt, completed and shipped off today.

Midnight At The Arroyo
This piece was done in a class presented at our Guild by Judy Farrow.  I had wanted to create a fantasy image of what a dry riverbend might look like if, by some magic, it sprang to life for a moment at midnight.  I was not initially happy with the piece. 

I quilted around the appliqued flowers and leaves trying to make it look like they had just fallen into the flow of the river.  Then I quilted wavey lines from top right to lower left for the flow.  The quilting was done with Sulky Invisible thread in the top and YLI 100wt thread in the bobbin.

You may notice that the appliqued flowers and leaves were enlarged from the floral print.  It took me some time to really enjoy the piece and now that it's completed, I guess it turned out alright.


nicolette said...

Beautiful quilt Brigitte! I love you used enlarged shapes from the floral fabric!

Peg said...

Wonderful - a truly unique quilt!

Vicki said...

Beautiful. I love your imaginative inspiration. Somrthing I know I would have trouble with. The quilting goes with your theme very well.