Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TST #19 - Those 1.5 inch squares.

Remember the 1.5 inch squares that I had posted about here?  Well this is what I did with the green squares that were left over after the Jacob's Ladder quilt was finished.

“Dad’s Green Stars”

The central square of each star consists of 16 of those 1.5-inch squares for a total of 144 squares.  The black and green points of each star were paper pieced and formed the remainder of the block.  Each of these blocks were then set on point, with the setting squares being hand quilted with a feathered wreath.  I presented this quilt to my Dad.  He used to use it whenever he had his afternoon nap.  He has since passed away and it still sits on the back of the chair where he used to sit and look out over the valley from his home in Vernon, British Columbia. 


What Comes Next? said...

what a beautiful quilt Bridget - great use of those leftovers

Gina said...

Wow, you've been busy and what beautiful quilts Brigitte! (I'm looking back at the others you've made with your scraps - gorgeous.) And that is a cool find you found below. I don't know what that technique is called but I'm sure I've seen it before.