Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TST #12 Round Robin Doubles - Part II

As mentioned in Part I last week of the Round Robin Doubles, the Sea Lily block was used as the central block for both Round Robins.  The "Parrots" group received the block on the left and the "Cranes" group was sent the one on the right.  Same block, different colour pallets and value placements.

The following pictures show the progression of the Cranes RR.

The first recipient Judy in Wisconsin added the first round. She is pictured here with her completed border; equilateral triangles that gave the appearance of the block being set on point. Judy had been diagnosed with cancer and although she completed this round robin, she was never able to see the end result of the tops to which she had contributed.

From Judy in Wisconsin, the block went to Kay in Washington State. Here Kay turned the block on point and added a checkerboard border.

Kay did not ordinarily work in these colours, but she did a marvellous job of brightening up the quilt top. I worked on Kay’s top during the round in which we were to add the “Friendship” border. Kay loved sailing, so I chose to make a border of paper-pieced sailboats.
From Kay’s the little quilt top went across the ocean to Paris, France to Tatiana’s home. Tatiana did the Friendship border on mine. She chose to use a particular maple leaf block (one of Canada's national symbols) for the border and added additional border to create the illusion of turning the quilt on point again.

Finally the quilt top made its way to Sheena Gilbert in Scotland. Her border was to include triangles so she used a flying geese border with the corners displaying an appliquéd Maple Leaf in tartan. 
Like that of the Parrots RR, this quilt top also sat for a long time before being completed.  When completed in December 2006, some ten years later, I gave to to my Dad.  He and his brother now had a quilt whose central block was the same pattern but looked unique, just like each of them.

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What Comes Next? said...

Wow! a completely different look - amazing borders, I love the square in a square effect that was achieved.