Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Revealing Green

Today is reveal day over at the Tangled Textiles blog.  Who knew that there are so many different ways to interpret “green”; all a bit revealing if I may say so.  Go have a look and then come back to see how I created mine. 
So what comes to mind for you when you say green?  I asked myself that very question and initially just drew a blank.  So with sketchbook in hand I started writing words that made me think of green; words like avocado, algae, pea, etc.  As the list grew an idea started to take shape.  I’m going to make my piece out of nothing but green; words that suggest green, green letters for those words, a green background, and green embellishments.

I chose several words from the list, printed them out in various different fonts and made templates out of the letters.  My next step was to cut the letters out of green fabric.  I started pulling from my fabric stash to choose appropriate greens.  I was not happy with the selection of greens that I had.  However a serendipitous fabric purchase while on a trip to California, was just the ticket. 

I used half the width of the fabric as the background.  To the other half of the fabric I pressed Steam a Seam and cut out the letter templates.  I chose to reverse the colour “order” of the words when I appliqued them to the background.
Once the letters were fused to the background, I stitched them in place.  I FMQ’d around the words so that they would hopefully “pop”.  Almost done, but I thought that the piece needed a bit of balance so I decided to add some small embellishments.  A leaf that I made from two layers of tulle, pictured here

and some frog buttons.

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Keitha Amdam said...

OH MY WORD! So very cool! Just love it! You put soooo much work into this and it looks a-mazing! This is truly a work of art. The frogs are SO dang cute too! Yay for finishing huh? Don't you just love a FINISHED project?!