Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hawaiian Applique

A while back I had started working on a Hawaiian applique quilt.  It began as a class project from a mini workshop I took from Pippa Moore.  By chance, I purchased additional kits to complete a full quilt rather than just one block.  The kit that we were given contained  a pattern and two pieces of fabric (background and applique).  This block called "Breadfruit" was the one done in the workshop.

I decided to try some different block patterns and used the additional kits I had purchased to create those. This block "Torch Ginger" was the next block that I tried.

Setting the blocks on point, I realized that I did not have sufficient blocks to make a queen-sized quilt.  I needed more kits or the fabric that came in those kits.  It had been some time, but I took a chance and wrote to Pippa asking if she had any kits left over.  Whew!  I was in luck!  I could now add additional blocks to get the size I needed. This block "Angel's Trumpet"  was the next block I finished.

This is the stage I'm at now.
Each pattern was done twice and the blocks are 20" unfinished.  "Plumeria" is the next pattern I'll complete and that should give me the size that I want.   There will be plenty of time to do the hand quilting on this one when the snows of winter blow.

I'll set this one aside for now and work on some little projects that are from Superior threads in their University, affectionately called "Academia Supernus".

Till the next time,


Marjorie said...

Fantanstic. It's blocks like these that got me hooked on applique. Your fabrics make them especially fun.

Gina said...

Looking great, and such rich jewel colors!