Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I’ve been experimenting with a product called Texture Magic by Superior Threads.  
When you apply steam to it, it shrinks up and provides texture to fabric.  The Texture Magic feels a bit like organza except a bit thicker.  First I cut a 6-inch square of both fabric Texture Magic.  This first sample was sewn in two-inch squares.  A little steam from the iron and voilà!

You can see some of the texture, but I wanted more.  So I sewed another sample.  This time with one-inch squares.  This is the result. 

Okay so this has more texture, but it looks so symmetrical.  What if I sewed the pieces together with a diagonal line?  Here is what happened.

Here they are side by side.  You can see that the texture looks quite different.
Then I tried a rectangle and sewed it lengthwise a half inch apart.

Now I’m off to work on the next round of my Guild’s Round Robin, practicing my FMQ so I can link up to SewCalGal’s FMQ Challenge, and get my UFOs under control.

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Vicki said...

This is a great tutorial. And reference, now you've done it. The results are really interesting.