Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Trip for Two

Last weekend I took "A Trip for "2" to Boston".  Actually it involved delving into a pattern from Prairie Pieces, Council Grove.  And I took a friend along for the ride.  Before we left we had a stopover at a local quilt shop and purchased things to pack for the trip.

Of course we also had to bring along other essentials. 

Then we were off!   The cutter was rolling along, our machines were humming with our "pedals to the metal" and voila! we were cruising.  We rounded the corners and soon had Boston Commons in our sights. 

After a bit of a rest stop and a delicious lunch we were on our way again.  Some of our fellow travellers were also enjoying the trip.

I was enjoying the trip so much that before I knew it, it had come to an end. 

Now I just have to add a couple of extra borders and I will have a nice lap quilt to snuggle up under.  Might make that trip again!
Till the next time, happy creating.


nicolette said...

Making a trip with a friend to enjoy quilting belongs to the best weekends ever!

The trip for 2 to Boston quilt looks wonderful!!

Vicki said...

I love the green and purple - my favourite mix. That was a great weekend. I love the way you put the story together, it was fun