Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back on track

I have been in a bit of a funk lately, but the creative juices have started to flow again.  I finished a quilted basket for the swap that I joined on Michelle's site, the Quilting Gallery.  It's is off in the mail on Tuesday.  It's a secret swap, so I don't think the person I'm sending it to will see a picture of it, but just in case, here is just a hint. 

Cute, don't you think?

I also finished some "utensil holders"  for my sister to sell at her local market.  It took four trips to the local fabric store to get all the materials together.  These holders went together quite quickly once I finally had all the pieces that I needed.  It's a Simplicity pattern.  I'll finish a few more next week and send them off in the mail too!

Gee! Everything is off somewhere, so maybe I should take a little trip too.

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Vicki said...

lovely work. I love the covered buttons on the yoyos