Monday, November 24, 2014

Process Reveal Day

Well it's finally done!  If you've been following this blog you know that I've been working on several things, but most recently a piece for Tangled Textiles.

Here it is.  Dad's Spirit Pillow.

Briefly, there is Celtic knotwork representing birch, cedar and willow; hand embroidery of wheat, and thread stitched cedar bows.  The maple leaf was from a friend who tried several different renditions for a project she was working on.  she chose not to use this one and gave it to me.

You can read more about the full process of this piece at the Tangled Textiles site.


Peg said...

Oh, how I love Celtic knots, and you've just made this one so much more special with your embroidery!

Janet said...

Very lovely piece! I am laughing at the thousands of pins you needed to pin the boughs down on the previous post. They turned out fantastic despite the "jumble of thread".