Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Yup!  That's what I decided to title this particular post.  As I sat trying to come up with a title, I thought, why do I need a title?  Why not just write the post?  So here I go.

Let me backtrack a bit.  In April I attended a weekend retreat hosted by my Guild.  It was a "UFO" retreat.  You know the kind.  You complete some UFOs, see other's UFOs, get inspired, start a new know.  I did manage to get a few things finished.  Here's the first one.

It was my Guild's "paint chip challenge".  The challenge: create a quilt no bigger than 36 inches square; colours used must have a matching paint chip; colours used must begin with the first letter of the name you are commonly known by.   Here are the paint chips I chose,

and here is the resulting quilt.

On another note, I've just about got my sewing studio unpacked.  Remember what it looked like?  You can see the before pictures here.  This is what it looks like now.

As you can see I was able to finally get the both sewing machines up. Just in time too!  I had to get a postcard done for a creative studies course that I have been doing.  Here is the postcard.

Interesting what a few scraps, some hand embellishing and machine stitching can do, huh?  I have since attended another session and did some interesting drawing on fabric at that one. I'm supposed to come up with a piece that incorporates the pen and ink technique that we learned and present it at the next session on September 29th.  But that's for another post. 

That reminds me, I also have to get going on my Tangled Textiles challenge piece.  I'm "open" to any ideas.

Till the next time keep creating


What Comes Next? said...

your studio is looking good! Can't wait to see all the great things you are going to be turning out. I've got my plan for the TT challenge and have my Go7S piece figured out - wahoo - I'm on a roll!

Gina said...

Fun quilt! I had to laugh to think that you found a red, green and white that all start with B, lol. You are looking organized now girl! And what a nice big room complete with cozy sitting area.

Quiltingranny said...

Hello Renate:
My name is Jean and I have a blog called Layers of Hope Quilting 911 as well as a facebook site by the same name. I am asking quilters from all over the world if they would be willing to make a 6.5" block for the surviving fire fighter of the Granite Hills Hotshot crew (19 died in 1 fire on June 30 in Arizona USA). If you would be willing to so or post my request on your blog. Anyone can email me or PM me for my mailing address!