Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Remnants are revealed

It was reveal day over at Tangled Textiles yesterday.  Go have a look! Everyone is showing off their interpretation of the theme "Remnants".  This is my piece and yes, it still needs to be bound or faced.  I am waiting to see what my TTs suggest.
My initial idea was to rust fabric.  I had never done that before and thought using some rusted fabric would add to the idea of a remnant piece of cloth.  Well the rusting did not happen.  Instead I decided to go in a different direction, which I  suspected would take a little less time.  I scorched pieces.  The quilt has a pieced background, FMQ (which is hard to see in this photo), and applique. 

This piece represents the remnants left after a fire has roared through a home leaving behind the remainder of furniture, appliances, photos and family heirlooms.


Peg said...

What a great interpretation! You've really captured the feel. I see 'ashes' floating through the air while the fire roars too!

Vicki Miller said...

As I said, I love the symbology of this quilt!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to the remnant work. I really enjoyed this, when keeping the very vivid yet depressing theme in mind, the scorched pieces almost look volcanic. To me at least, the quilting looks like ash which fits the background. I think that you captured the concept very well.

Betty Tylor -Professional Doctorate