Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TST #40 - Mackenzie's heritage and signatures

Each year in the fall there is a quilting retreat held at a summer camp.  Yes, yes I know.  The summer camp is rented out in the off season, that's how we have the retreat in the fall.  Anyway, each year the teacher/quilt store owner who hosts the retreat chooses a theme for the retreat.  In 2007 she chose a heritage theme.  Little did we know what this would entail, but rather we were told to bring along what we thought was reproduction fabric.  I had never worked with reproduction fabric so this is what I brought, except for the floral print.  I borrowed that from Joyce at the retreat.

I know better now.  During the retreat we were shown samples of the styles of quilt that would have been produced during the 1800's; medallions, vertical row quilts and various individual blocks.  We were given a choice of pattern to piece, so I chose to do a medallion style quilt.  A medallion quilt begins with a central block and successive borders are added. 

Diane, the hostess had brought along some patterns that we could purchase.  I spotted this one by Kaye England and decided that it would look okay in the fabric that I brought.

I pieced the central block, continued piecing the borders until it was almost finished.  During the retreat we were then given an opportunity to share our signatures with our fellow retreaters.  Each of us wrote our signature and the date on sufficient pieces of muslin to exchange with everyone.   Then it was back to finishing off the medallion quilt.  This is it here.

What happened to the signature blocks you might ask. 
This is the fabric that I used for the signature blocks.  This is a better representation of reproduction fabric, but still not the best.  I chose to put the blocks into vertical rows similar to quilts from the "heritage" period.  This is a close up of my efforts,

and the full picture of the quilt.


Peg said...

Lovely quilts, and your fabrics are wonderful choices for those styles!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I just love your quilt! It reminds me to a tapestry piece...very nice

Vicki Miller said...

I love the way you arranged your blocks - great work!

Mary Ann said...

Both are wonderful quilts but I really like the second. It really has a traditional antique vibe for me.

Margaret said...

Just popped over after reading about you on TNTN's Feature Friday. Love that exotic border print in the signature strip quilt. Wow! And...just what does "TST" stand for? I'm curious! :-)

Anonymous said...

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