Sunday, January 8, 2012

Up next

Well I've been busy practicing my drawing for the FMQ Challenge being hosted over at SewCalGal's blog.  I have not yet attempted it on fabric.  Like Leah Day says on her FMQ blog, I need to get busy and practice on fabric.

I got my sample finished for a Borders and Binding workshop being hosted by my Guild.  I did do some FMQ on it.  Our workshop is going to present just about everything you ever wanted to know about borders and finishing up your quilt. We are using a table runner as a means of presenting all of this.  Here is my sample.
and here is a close up of my FMQ
I've also been doing some doodling in my sketchbook.  Something that I was inspired to do by peeking in Vicki and Diane's sketchbook.  I'm far from their ability, but it's a start.

I also need to really step it up and get to my Tangled Textiles challenge.  So I have to get my worktable set up.  Here are some of the things that I'm using.  Can't show more because the reveal is on January 15.
It's been a busy first week of January, but a creative one.  Gotta go and finish my "Look Up" challenge.

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Vicki said...

mmmm, very interesting, looking forward to sunday (or it will be monday here)